For those considering investing in a manufactured or mobile home, the question may arise: “What will the lifespan of that manufactured home be? What can I expect?”

This is a valid concern for anyone considering such an investment. You may have big plans for your manufactured home, but will it be able to withstand the test of time and end up being a good choice? For starters, the following questions need to be considered regarding the manufactured home itself:

  • Are you purchasing a new manufactured home or an older one?
  • Will you be renting this home out as an investment property?
  • Will you consider this manufactured home more of a vacation home?
  • Will you be residing in your manufactured home full-time?

The answers to those questions will get you started toward a decision as to what type of home you’re going to buy.

Quick and Easy Answer

To answer the title question in as few words as possible: Anywhere between 30 and 55 years can be expected of today’s newly built manufactured homes (according to HUD – the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development).

Naturally, maintenance, and whether or not it is done on a regular basis and appropriately, will make a huge difference. When a manufactured home is well cared for, it can still be in amazing condition after 55 years. Unfortunately, if it is not cared for correctly, its lifespan can decrease significantly and quickly.

The Climate of Your Chosen Residency

The climate of the area in which you’re manufactured home is situated will have everything to do with how long it lasts. For example, in Arizona and other drier climates, manufactured homes can still be in fantastic condition after 40 to 55 years.

But, because of the pressboard, particleboard, fiberboard, etc., used in the construction of manufactured homes, places like Florida – where there is an excess of humidity and rain – tend to be a lot harder on manufactured homes. Fixes to rotted floors, the need for new roofs, and other structural issues can arise.

The bottom line here: If you’re going to invest in a manufactured home, carefully consider where it will be placed. Additionally, of course, you want a home manufactured with the highest quality materials possible. Higher quality materials and better craftsmanship end up lasting longer than cheap materials and shoddy work.

Factors That Can Have An Impact

There are, naturally, certain factors that can impact the lifespan of a manufactured home. Some of these are as follows:

  • Water damage – At the first sign of a leak, make sure repairs are expedited.
  • Damage – If a mobile home is damaged in any way, it should be repaired immediately.
  • Foundation – There are a number of ways to build a foundation for manufactured homes that depend, in part, on grading, climate, type of property, quality of soil, etc.
  • Installation – Inexperienced labor should never be used for the installation process involved with a manufactured home. To make sure it’s been done properly, all installations should be looked at by an experienced inspector.

Final Take Away

At a very rough estimate, you can expect a 30-to-55-year lifespan out of your new manufactured home and some factors include the following:

  • Choose carefully the climate you decide to keep it in
  • The better the quality materials and workmanship on your manufactured home, the longer it should last
  • Make sure that regular maintenance is done, and repairs are taken care of as soon as possible, when needed

Take good care of your manufactured home and it’s far more likely to take care of you!