In this blog post, we’ll go over 8 possible ideas to repair and/ or give your manufactured home doors a makeover, including door fixes for sticky doors, noisy hinges, and damaged doorknobs.

Tight Door Hinges

Is your door getting sticky or tight? This could be the result of your door hinges swelling or rusting. A quick easy way to repair your manufactured home door is to grab a screwdriver and tighten the screws in the hinges. It is crucial to note that you do not want to use a drill. When using a drill, you run the risk of overtightening the screw, stripping the screw holes, or gnawing through the screwheads.

Stubborn Door Knobs

Does your door knob refuse to lock or can’t seem to be turned? Repairing it is simple. Either buy a new knob and replace it completely or lubricate it with some WD-40.

Dents on Your Door

This hack is especially for metal doors which are more prone to dents. Fortunately, you can make them vanish by using Bondo. The dry Bondo can be smoothed out with a scrap block and 120 to 150 grit sandpaper before being painted with metal paint.

Give Your Door an Ultimate Makeover

Doors are more impactful than most homeowners understand. A home can look cheap if its doors are inexpensive and basic. You can improve the functionality and appearance of your manufactured home doors by using these tips for an ultimate makeover.

A New Pop of Color

Color plays an important role in every setting, including your doors. You can opt for a darker hue if you want a classy makeover. Remember, stark white may appear too cold or cliché. Try a warmer hue of white if you prefer to stick to the basics.

Make Use of Beadboard Panels

Many homeowners love this hack of gluing thin Beadboard Panels to their doors. It creates an illusion of depth while giving it texture and personality. Beadboard doors usually work for almost any house theme and interior design.

Plain, Flat, and Classy Panels

Similar to the beadboard design, you can also opt for plain, wide styles to add an illusion of raised panels. This is a quick and affordable way to give your door a makeover. If you want a more rustic feel, try adding veneer and genuine elements to your door.

Invest in New Hardware

Your hardware – door knobs, handles, door unit or house numbers, and more can get old and rusty with time. You can consider replacing it with new hardware that matches the theme of your house to give your door a fresh makeover.

Add Lighting Fixtures

This is especially important for your main front doors or porch. It’s crucial to have front door lighting for both safety and aesthetic reasons. Consider placing identical sconces on either side of the entrance if your lighting design only includes a single overhead light or sconce.

The additional lighting will promote safety and security in addition to improving the appearance of your entrance. Choose from hundreds of wall-mounted lamps, or replace your existing overhead lighting with a pendant or flush-mount fixture if your porch is covered.