Even though manufactured homes come with plenty of closet space, it never quite seems enough. This is especially the case if you frequently purchase clothes and shoes, so the available space keeps shrinking. The good news is that there are ways in which you can create additional closet space in your manufactured home. Here are some tips on how to go about it.

Dispose Of Old Clothes

If you are looking for ways to create additional closet space, the most obvious is to dispose of some of the existing clothing items that you have. A good rule of thumb is to examine clothing items that you no longer wear, no longer fit or have holes/tears that you don’t want to have fixed. Also included on this list are clothing items that are no longer fashionable or those that you have not worn for over 12 months. These are the clothes that you need to dispose of. You may be surprised at the amount of space you will be able to create simply by disposing of these items.

Re-Organize Your Closet

When we are starting off, we never put too much thought into the amount of space we have in our closet. However, as the clothes pile up, we begin to think about additional space. Most homeowners don’t give much thought to the fact that simply rearranging their closets may yield a large amount of space. For example, you can remove items that do not need to be stored in the closet and relocate them elsewhere. Another way of reorganizing your closet is to install a second rod in the closet to hang more clothes. You can take advantage of the width or height of your closet to get more space.

However, do not do this if it means that your clothes will touch the floor. This is because it can lead to your clothes being damaged by any number of things, such as mold or moisture.

Find Additional Space

If you have clothing items or shoes that you don’t wear often, you might consider moving them out of the closet and into a semi-permanent storage space. Clothes can be packed in boxes and moved to spaces such as the attic and basement. The key thing to note here is that such spaces must be properly aerated to keep your clothes in good condition. In addition, ensure that the space is free from dust or moisture, all of which can damage or stain your clothes. It is important to ensure that the way you arrange this space makes it easy for you to access any item easily. Create pathways between the containers, and do not stack the boxes any higher than you can reach with your outstretched hands. In addition, you should never put too many clothes in one box as this makes moving it hard and reduces aeration inside the box.

These simple tips can help you create room in your closet and ensure that you can purchase more clothing items. When you are rearranging or repacking clothes, ensure that all the clothing items are bone-dry. If you are in doubt, it is wiser to run any item that feels moist through a dryer so that it is completely moisture-free.