It is our responsibility to take care of the planet we live in so we can continue to stay in a great environment for years to come. There are some ways we can do that and it also includes having homes that are eco-friendly. Manufactured housing has been around for many years, but the benefits of these homes and their impact on our environment are still something that is often talked about. Modular and manufactured housing come with some eco-friendly aspects during the construction process. In this article, we share the best eco-friendly features of manufactured homes!

Less Site Disturbance

Manufactured homes are built in a factory so this limits the amount of time and also the impact on the surrounding site. There is less site disturbance and this also saves construction time. While the home is being made in the factory, the site can be prepared all at the same time.

Better Indoor Air Quality

Many indoor air quality issues for construction are related to the high moisture level of the building materials. When the building material is stored in a protective environment, they are not as exposed to the weather. Therefore, moisture can be kept at a low and minimal level that is better for the building material.

Tightly Sealed Homes

The homes that are built in a factory will allow for better access to electrical outlets, pipes, fixtures, and other sources of air infiltration. Having this in a factory allows better sealing that can lower the air infiltration to prevent a loss of heat when the home is finished. This works well to reduce the cooling and heating costs. Traditional two-by-four framing is frequently replaced with two-by-six framing in these homes so as to improve the insulation of the home.

Less Material Waste

Conventional site-built homes lead to significant waste. Almost 8,000 pounds of waste are thrown into a landfill because of the traditional construction of a 2,000 square-foot home. Meanwhile, for factory-built homes, materials are delivered directly to the manufacturing plant and they are then stored in a protected environment. Factories building these homes consistently make use of leftover material from one project for other projects in the factory.


Manufactured homes have more flexibility as they allow for the homes to be moved and reused in various settings.

Key Features

These key features of manufactured homes have captures the attention of many people. If you want to go beyond the regular aspects and you want to make your house eco-friendly, we can work with a builder who can help to pick the best location and orientation for the house on site. You can work with a qualified HVAC designer to come up with a green HVAC design for the house, alternative site lighting and look into water conservation for the site.

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