More and more individuals and couples today are deciding to age in place in America. To accommodate them, homes must be affordable for moderate to low incomes. Fortunately, an impressive array of advantages is offered by today’s manufactured home communities.

Here, we will explore the numerous benefits of living in a manufactured home for seniors. We’ll also introduce you to a company that not only sells manufactured homes but has communities that offer numerous amenities.

Aging America

As retirement age is reached by baby boomers, a large number of them are looking forward to aging in place. In fact, for Americans over 65 years of age, 90% reportedly wish to stay in their homes as long as possible. Will they all be able to achieve this goal? Maybe not. But it can be made easier by living in manufactured homes.

Modern manufactured homes are not only affordable – which is good for someone on a limited income – but the care needed to maintain them is less than a spacious, expansive home and yard. In many cases, yard work is done by a maintenance crew at a community site – if, indeed, the manufactured home is parked in a community. Homes such as this can also be parked on a piece of land not associated with a community, such as on a large lot belonging to the senior individual or a relative.

Manufactured Housing – Cost-Of-Living

Compared to “site built” traditionally constructed homes, only a fraction of the cost applies to a manufactured home. Excluding the cost of land, it is actually up to 35% less. If the home will be parked in a community, it’s important that the senior living there realizes a monthly fee will be charged for the lot upon which the home is parked. Compared to renting an apartment, of course, it is a fraction of the cost.

Fortunately, a lot goes along with the rental fee for the space. Communities such as this frequently have a plethora of amenities available to the community’s residents. Pools, clubhouses, games, exercise rooms, dog parks, off-street parking, and more are frequently available.

Living in a Community

In most cases, manufactured home communities are an ideal place for seniors to live out their days for the following reasons:

  • A network of neighbors to watch out for one another
  • A social and physical environment to encourage an engaged, active lifestyle
  • A safe setting

Many communities offer socialization opportunities such as clubs, holiday celebrations, coffees, potlucks, bingo, movie nights, etc. Activities such as this can help keep a person not only physically but also mentally active.

MCM Homes Provides Manufactured Homes And Communities Suitable for Seniors[1] 

Are you a senior who is considering moving from your current house to a manufactured home? Now that you know the benefits of a move such as this, all you need is a company from which to buy your manufactured home and a community in which to live. We can help with both of those – we are MCM Homes. We have manufactured home communities in North Carolina, Ohio, and Michigan.

If you’d like information about our homes and/or our communities, please call us at 844-618-0257 or email If you wish, you can simply fill out our convenient online form to open the lines of communication.

MCM does not actually have communities for seniors only.