Communities in Michigan with stadiums or arenas in their cities instantly grow into a center for entertainment, even for those who aren’t sports lovers. That’s because nothing beats being surrounded by thousands of people while rooting and screaming out for your favorite player or team! The exhilaration and camaraderie of a sports arena are unrivaled whether it’s raining or snowing, scorching or freezing. Some stadiums and arenas are even historic landmarks and monuments in and of themselves. So if you were looking for stadiums and arenas near Leslie Estates, MI, here are the top six spots to watch a great game!

Michigan Stadium

Also known as The Big House, Michigan Stadium is the biggest stadium in America and the world’s second-largest stadium! It’s the dream of every high school football fan to watch a game at Michigan Stadium. With a stellar 4.8-star rating from 6,877 Google reviews, there’s just nothing like it in terms of atmosphere. The gargantuan stadium is very well-constructed and has been well-maintained since the beginning. The renowned Wolverines call this place home, and every game played there sells out within days of going on sale, so don’t miss out!

Michigan International Speedway

Michigan International Speedway is a legendary NASCAR national park tucked in the lush Irish Hills of Southeast Michigan where fans can sit back and enjoy the finest in racing and sportsmanship! For NASCAR fans and drivers alike, it’s all about the exhilaration and fun. Atop its 1,400-plus acres in the picturesque Irish Hills, Michigan International Speedway takes pride in its 43-year heritage of showcasing America’s premier racing events and superb 4.7-star ratings from 3,418 Google reviews.

Spartan Stadium

Boasting a 4.7-star rating from 2,123 Google reviews, Spartan Stadium is often dubbed The Woodshed. It first opened its doors in 1923 in East Lansing and was the home ground of Michigan State University Spartans. Spartan Stadium is mostly used for football and has a capacity of 75,000 including premium box seats and club seats. It has previously seated over 80,000 spectators though, making it the sixth-largest arena of the Big Ten!

Jackson Field

Jackson Field is a minor league baseball stadium in Lansing and holds an excellent 4.6-star rating from 1,608 Google reviews. It’s home to the Lansing Lugnuts and also hosts certain games at home for the collegiate baseball team of Michigan State Spartans. Jackson Field is located on a very compact stretch of land between Cedar and Larch streets in the Stadium District of central Lansing.

Crisler Center

Crisler Center, previously the Crisler Arena, is a multi-purpose indoor stadium in Ann Arbor with a fantastic 4.8-star rating from 1,395 Google reviews. Crisler Center was the home grounds of the male and female basketball teams and female gymnastics teams of The University of Michigan. The stadium, first opened in 1967, has a capacity of 12,707 people and was named after Herbert Crisler, Michigan’s former chief football coach.

Jack Breslin Student Event Center

The Breslin Center boasts a 4.7-star rating from 898 Google reviews and is one of the nation’s best, hosting over 250 events each year. It’s the home grounds of the male and female basketball teams of Michigan State. The Breslin Center remains a multifunctional arena for the MSU community and hosts key entertainment and educational activities throughout the year.