Gun Lake is a quiet, lakeside community near Shelbyville, Michigan that features lovely manufactured homes. They provide all the advantages of a rural lifestyle with quick access to the Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo areas. In addition to attractions such as restaurants, the Gun Lake Casino and Yankee Springs State Recreational Area, there are also a host of stadiums and arenas which host exciting events all year round.

LMCU Ballpark

This arena is best known for its baseball games. Though it is small in comparison to other arenas, it is meticulously maintained and offers lots of choices when it comes to food and beverages, plus the tickets are affordable. According to visitors and residents, the only challenge is reaching the parking area from      US 131, which can be a slow-moving process during popular games and events. But once you get inside their parking attendants are friendly and professional.

It is recommended to arrive well in advance to beat the traffic. They do charge a fee for parking and the stadium is cashless, which might be inconvenient for those that prefer using dollars. They also have a gift shop where you can purchase baseball caps or shirts. They also have theme nights as well as senior discounts and aside from baseball games they also host weddings and trade shows.

Berlin Raceway

As the name suggests, this arena was built for race car competitions and is one of the oldest facilities in the area built for the purpose. It has been renovated several times over the years, with new bleachers added and the walkways cleaned up. They now have a family section, which is quite convenient for those with young children. Those that show up earlier will get the chance to meet the drivers and perhaps get autographs and photos from them.

Those that are fans of NASCAR will love this place. They offer handicap parking, including wheelchair access for section sixteen which overlooks the primary straightaway. This raceway is also open-air which means you will have access to lots of sunlight during summer but things can get a little gloomy during rainy or cloudy days. Despite this, the seats are fantastic and elevated so you can easily see above the shield walls, even if you’re shorter.

Van Andel Arena

This arena is open from 8 AM to 5 PM. Unlike other arenas, parking is easy and affordable. However, the venue will not allow you to bring in purses or bags, so you’ll need to lock them securely in your vehicle. They have a security team in place who are courteous and getting in is a breeze. Some attendees have also reported that during their visit there weren’t enough ushers on hand to direct them to their seats but you can follow the signs and layouts to locate them. The sound quality is outstanding though the seats could be more comfortable. You will get a great stage view even if you aren’t at floor level and you don’t have to watch the large screens unless you want to.