Built in the mid-1990s, Eaton Pine Village is an attractive community that features both multi-sectional and single-family homes. Neighborhood amenities include curbside garbage pickup, basketball courts, and playgrounds for children with onsite maintenance. The community is just twenty minutes away from Jackson and Lansing which have a number of popular stadiums and arenas that host yearly events.

Jackson Field

This large stadium is popular for its reasonable ticket prices and wide range of beverages and food. It was previously named Oldsmobile Park and provides a gorgeous panoramic view of the city. The athletes that compete there are affable and open to signing autographs with fans. Lugnut games will be held here during the summer as well as baseball events. Because the stadium is situated downtown, this makes it convenient for attendees to go to nearby restaurants and bars. It is a minor league arena which means the seating is close to their field, which hardcore fans will always appreciate.

Jack Breslin Student Event Center

This event center is considered iconic, especially among MSU alumni. It hosts MSU basketball games as well as concerts and graduation ceremonies for the students. The downside to this place is that parking can be challenging so attendees need to arrive as early as possible. It is also possible to request prime parking for a lot close to the Breslin Center, especially if you were lucky enough to grab season tickets. Currently, this arena doesn’t have a bag policy, but that might change in the future.

When it comes to food, this event center offers numerous options, with the most popular being chicken tenders, walking tacos, nachos, hot dogs, roasted almonds, popcorn, soft pretzels, smoothies, burgers and pizza. It is important to note that the Jack Breslin Student Event Center does not currently offer alcoholic beverages. However, the facility is large, bright and spotless, and they have a trophy section where visitors can see the many awards that the teams and their coaches have captured over the years. This arena can hold a maximum of fifteen thousand attendees for basketball events.

Spartan Stadium

This is one of the oldest and most illustrious stadiums in the area. Much of the core infrastructure dates as far back as the 1950s, except for the upper press box deck concourse. This gives it a charm that will appeal to many people, especially old-timers that have lived in the area for years. Its scoreboards have been recently updated and are quite impressive, especially for college football and during events the fans get loud and the facility will trap the sound.

Those that are lucky enough to sit at the stadium club level will have access to heated seating outdoors, which is incredible during winter. The upper east deck by contrast requires renovation. Attendees are recommended to avoid this particular area, particularly during winter as they will be pounded by the frigid wind. The good news is that the traffic into and outside the facility is always well organized and there is adequate freeway access.