Montgomery Estates is a comfortable community which is situated near Franklinton, North Carolina. Its proximity to Raleigh means that residents have access to some of the state’s best shopping, dining and entertainment, but there are a host of libraries available where you can borrow both classic and recently released literature.

Wake Forest Public Library

This library opened in 2019 after undergoing significant renovations. While it’s not the largest library in the area, the building is clean, bright and exceptionally well organized with helpful librarians. One visitor reported trying to use their printer but had difficulty, and the staff was quick to help them resolve the issue at no charge. They also have a playground area for children and a wide assortment of manuscripts.

One of the benefits of getting a library card from them is that it enables you to request books over the web after which you’ll get an email notifying you of when to pick them up. This is a very convenient feature that will reduce the time you have to spend getting the reading material that you need, but if you’re also looking to socialize there are always people of all ages hanging out here that you can talk to.

Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

This is a college-level library that has an excellent selection of books. In fact, some visitors reported that despite not being students the librarians still welcomed them and were able to help them find books that other libraries didn’t carry. Given the fact that this is a theological seminary, they carry a lot of religious texts as well as standard literature on other subjects such as history, science, geography and math. They do maintain policies for guest borrowing, which just means you’ll need to fill out their form to borrow one of their books. The atmosphere is both quiet and pleasant.

Northeast Regional Library

This facility is regarded by some to be the best public library in the area. Northeast Regional is open from 9 AM to 9 PM Monday to Thursday and 10 AM to 6 PM on Friday and Saturday and 1 PM to 5 PM on Sunday. It is an excellent place for those that want to read, study and concentrate and they also provide internet access. Though it is situated near an elementary school, you don’t have to worry about lots of noise or outside traffic. Inside they have sections for children and adults.

There are also quiet rooms where you can go for extra privacy. One thing that many visitors like about this library is that the seats are comfortable and situated near large windows which provide ample natural light. Another benefit is that Northeast Regional does not levy late fees if a book is past due, and new visitors state that getting a membership and help to find a book was a breeze. The building is also modern and attractive, with large glass pane windows in the front that provide full access outside. Additionally, the library card you receive can be used at other Wake County facilities.