Highwoods is a quiet community that is located near Hillsborough, North Carolina. The area provides amenities such as off-street parking and pets with multi-sectional residences. There are also a number of libraries in the area where students can get fiction and non-fiction works for their academic studies and literary enjoyment.

Chapel Hill Public Library

This library is popular for its yearly sales where visitors can bring their own bags and purchase as many manuscripts as they want. The books are kept in excellent condition with some appearing almost new. The staff is very helpful, especially for students that need to finish book reports or write papers. Unlike many libraries which are dark and dreary, Chapel Hill has a lot of sunlit spots within its interior along with study nooks where you can have privacy.

There is also a large area dedicated to children where they can take summer classes like programming. A coffee shop is available for those that want espresso. Many local college and high school students love the Chapel Hill Public Library for its quiet atmosphere. It features ceiling to floor windows that overlook trees while bringing in lots of sunlight, which brightens your mood. The wifi is also free, but a bit too slow to stream some lectures.

Durham County Library

In addition to its large assortment of books, the Durham County Library has classes and staff who are helpful and friendly. They allow you to keep books for about three weeks before having to return them, which is usually enough time to finish most manuscripts, but if you haven’t finished it the book can be renewed a maximum of five times so long as it hasn’t been requested by others. There is also a nice selection of CDs, movies and computers with free wireless internet. This library also has private rooms which can be rented for a maximum of two hours, and they are equipped with markers, a whiteboard and tables.

A number of additional improvements have been made to this library in recent years. For instance, they now have a greater shelf and floor space, which allows the books to be spread out instead of cramming them next to and on top of each other. They have self-checkout-style terminals which means you don’t have to deal with a librarian unless you want to.

Orange County Library

This library has pleasant staff members who are always quick to lend a helping hand. They also feature a Hoopla site which allows users to download films for three days, without actually having to visit the premises. The movies can be downloaded via mobile devices or smartphones. For those that want to physically visit the library to check out a book, once you’ve found something you want, all you need to do is swipe your library card with their machine. The only downside to this library is that some visitors have said the parking space is limited, forcing them to park across the street, and their DVD collection is not as extensive as it could be.