This blog is undoubtedly for you if you’re seeking pharmacies close to Village Square that provide excellent customer service, high-quality goods, and affordable costs. Here, we’ll review the top pharmacies around or in the Village Square neighborhood, so you can choose the right place to buy your prescription drugs. Whether you require simple over-the-counter meds, or specific prescription medications, this guide has you covered with the knowledge required to make an informed decision. 

Rite Aid Pharmacy

One great pharmacy you can visit is Rite Aid Pharmacy. They provide a vast array of goods, including vitamins and over-the-counter medicines, as well as immunizations and flu shots. You can feel at ease discussing your issues with the person because they’re friendly and understanding. Not to mention, it’s simple to receive the prescriptions and assistance you require whenever you need, it because Rite Aid Pharmacy is open every day from 8 am to 10 pm


If you’re looking for a pharmacy in Village Square that offers more than just medical help and goods, Walgreens is the perfect choice for you. Apart from the usual prescriptions sold, they also offer vitamins, beauty supplies, supplements, and so much more. Not to mention, it is also conveniently located in the center of town. They even have a drive-thru service, so you can easily and conveniently get whatever you need. Similar to Rite Aid Pharmacy, they’re open daily from 8 am to 10 pm. 

HomeTown Pharmacy – Kent City

This pharmacy provides a wide variety of over-the-counter, prescription, and healthcare products. However, what sets this pharmacy apart from the competition is they provide customized regimens for vitamins and supplements catered to your specific requirements. So, you can rest assured you’re getting what you need. Over the past few months, the pharmacist at this facility, has worked with clients to develop individualized programs based on their symptoms, routines, and concerns. In a thorough Zoom conference, he takes the time to explain the science and thinking behind his recommendations, so you can fully grasp everything before making a choice.

CVS Pharmacy

CVS Pharmacy is another great choice near Village Square. It’s a relatively newer pharmacy, so you can expect a clean and technologically advanced pharmacy. One that is sure to meet your needs and wants. Not only do they have a drive-through,but they’re also wheelchair accessible as well, making CVS pharmacy an incredibly convenient and accessible pharmacy for everyone. 

How MCM Homes Can Help You 

Here at MCM Homes, we understand how important it is to have great, top-notch pharmacies near you. After all, they’re critical to your health, well-being, and sense of security. As such, we place the utmost importance on making this a priority. We’re committed to helping you build a life filled with comfort, convenience, and peace of mind. Whether through our numerous investment opportunities, or our team of professionals, you can rest assured that you’re getting the best of the best in Village Square with MCM Homes.