Did you know that Duke Forest is a popular place to live or invest in? After all, it has numerous amenities, including top-notch pharmacies. Whether small local pharmacies with great hospitality, or larger pharmacies with tons of pharmaceutical goods and much more, Duke Forest has it all. Here are some of the best pharmacies near Duke Forest for all your pharmaceutical needs, and more.


For those looking to purchase more than just your medicines or supplements, Walgreens is the pharmacy for you. After all, Walgreens carries both typical pharmacy products and cosmetic products. Beyond that, they carry almost everything. From water bottles to vitamins or even light snacks. Walgreens is a great pharmacy to visit if you want more convenience from a single trip to get all your needs and wants. 

They’re open every day from 7 am to 10 pm and have a unique drive-through system as well. So, you can rest assured Walgreens can reliably give you whatever you need every time you visit each day. 

Durham Pharmacy

Another great pharmacy you can visit near Duke Forest is Durham Pharmacy. It’s a local pharmacy store that boasts many medical supplies and health-related items, despite its relatively smaller size. Open daily from 9 am to 7 pm, they offer a personalized, caring experience unlike any other. Unlike commercialized pharmacies like Walgreens, the pharmacy here is known for treating every customer like family and helping them to the very best of their abilities. 

You’ll feel welcome and cared for in this loving Durham Pharmacy. With that said, because of the earlier operating hours, be sure to catch them before the late evenings.

CVS Pharmacy

CVS Pharmacy is another popular pharmacy all around the United States, and they have one outlet near Duke Forest. Well-loved for its convenience and wide array of products, CVS pharmacy is a great pharmacy to visit if you want to visit a drugstore with products that are affordably priced. Ranging from regular medicines to vitamins and beauty products, to everyday snacks, they have something for everyone. And the best part of it all? They’re open all day, so rest assured you can get anything you need whenever you want.  

You can visit them at 1724 Old Durham Rd any time of the day. Alternatively, you can also reach them on their website, or contact them at (919) 942-0169 for more assistance with specific questions related to the pharmacy and other needs. 

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