Anyone who stays up late would know that the availability of night entertainment spots is heavily dependent on the culture of the community and area. In other words, it’s completely possible that certain towns or cities have little to no nightlife past dinner. 

However, for people who are the most vibrant in the late night, building a home in such a region can be stifling or even off-putting. It’s therefore important that you take a look at the different night entertainment spots before you put down roots. For those who are considering Lakewood Estates in Lake Odessa, MI, here are some night entertainment spots to visit.

The Gatsby

The Gatsby truly lives up to its name. With a trendy and classy vibe, this spot is the epitome of a modern nightclub. By combining elements of a restaurant, bar, and nightclub, this is the place to go to make the most of your night. On top of this, you can also enjoy the different shows that happen throughout the week while you enjoy your favorite drinks. 

The Bowling Alley Ionia

If dancing isn’t quite your cup of tea, perhaps indulging in a game of bowling might be more up your alley. Designed to be an option for all ages, the bowling alley offers both nightlife entertainment as well as family fun for those with children. In fact, if you get hungry, you can just pop into the Fat Friars which is a restaurant and pub that sells American food within the alley. This means that you can enjoy a great meal while you work your way to setting a new high score!

Metro Grand Rapids

Open until 2 AM, the Metro Grand Rapids has established itself as both a dance club as well as a reputable music venue within the community. On top of this, if you have worked up a thirst, you can be sure that the full bar will be there for you. In fact, you might even get a good deal if you drop by during their happy hour specials!

MCM Homes – Lakewood Estates Community

When you’re trying to find your perfect home, there is so much more to consider than just the number of bedrooms and land area. For many, it’s just as important that the area that the house is located in is able to support their lifestyle choices. In the case of night owls, we understand that it can be frustrating that nothing is open in the hours that you are the most awake. For those who have experienced this, Lakewood Estates and the many night entertainment spots around may be the solution for all your issues. 

If you’d like to see or know more about what we have to offer at our Lakewood Estates community, contact us today and one of our agents will be glad to answer all your questions or to schedule a tour for you to visit our amazing, manufactured homes.