The Eaton Pine Village area is an excellent place for families. It has plenty of things to do and plenty of attractions nearby. Here are some museums near Eaton Pine Village, MI, that you can visit with your family:

Courthouse Square Association

The Courthouse Square Association is a non-profit organization that works to preserve the history and culture of Eaton County. Their mission is to promote education and understanding of the community’s past, present, and future.

The association has been active since 1973, hosting events such as the International Festival, Holiday on the Square, and their annual dinner dance. They also organize fundraising activities for various causes in the county.

Tompkins Historical Museum

The Tompkins Historical Museum is a great place to visit in Eaton Pine Village. They have many exciting exhibits and collections on display, including the history of Eaton Pine Village and the surrounding areas.

There are also some fun activities at the museum, like a scavenger hunt, games, and puzzles that you can do while you’re there! Check out their gift shop if you want something to take home with you! The gift shop has all sorts of neat things, like toys and books about local history. If you need assistance finding an item, ask someone who works there because they’re really helpful too!

Leslie Area Museum

Located on the north side of town, the Leslie Area Museum is one of Eaton Pine’s most popular attractions. The museum has been open since 2008 and houses a collection of more than 1,500 artifacts; in addition to the items in its permanent collection, the museum hosts rotating exhibits throughout the year. Regarding admission policy, there is no fee for admission, but donations are accepted.

Mason Area Historical Museum 

The Mason Area Historical Museum is a great place to explore the history of Mason County. The museum is located in the historic courthouse and has a collection of artifacts and documents representing this area’s history. Admission is free, and there are no charges for parking; you can walk up from Main Street or park in one of their spaces behind the building.

Open year-round; this museum offers something for everyone: exhibits on local history, military items from World War II to present-day conflicts, Native American artifacts including pottery and arrowheads, as well as oral histories with veterans who served during war times.

Lansing Art Gallery and Education Center 

The Lansing Art Gallery and Education Center, located in downtown Lansing, is one of the best museums in Michigan. The museum’s programming includes art classes for children and adults and workshops on drawing, printmaking, and more. There are also several exhibits featured during different parts of the year. Families can enjoy free admission to the museum on Sundays from September through May (except for holiday Sundays).

Michigan State Capitol Building

The Michigan State Capitol Building, located in Lansing, is a great place to visit if you’re looking for somewhere historically significant and beautiful. The capitol building represents the seat of government for Michigan—it’s where laws are made, people vote on issues affecting them and their neighbors, and state officials hold office. This historic building is open to the public year-round but closed at certain times during winter (when temperatures fall below freezing).


We hope you’ve found some inspiration in this list and are ready to get out there and explore. From the museums we highlighted above to countless others, Eaton Pine Village has so much to offer those who want to spend their time looking at art and history. If you’re looking for more things to do outside of the area, check out our other blog posts about things happening around Michigan.