If you’re in the market for a new home, you might be surprised to learn that manufactured homes are less expensive than traditional houses. Manufactured homes are built on-site and not transported to their location like prefabricated houses. This article will explain more about manufactured home prices, why this process is less expensive, and why manufactured homes can save you money on your next purchase.


The first thing to understand about manufactured homes is that they’re designed to be affordable. Because of their smaller size, they tend to cost less than a traditional home and can often be purchased for the same price as an average apartment in a major city. Many people choose this type of housing because they can’t afford anything else—not only because they lack the money but also because they have little or no credit history and therefore have difficulty getting approved for a traditional mortgage.

Economy Of Scale

In the case of manufactured homes, you can see a lot of economies of scale. There are fewer materials and labor costs. The shipping is less expensive. The financing is less expensive because these homes are more affordable for people who don’t have as much money to spend on monthly mortgage payments.

Let’s look at some other ways that manufactured home buyers save money:

  • Insurance costs are lower because there is no land value involved in owning one. This means there aren’t any property taxes or homeowners insurance fees either! This is because the materials used to make manufactured homes are more uniform and predictable, making it easier for insurance companies to assess their risk and set rates accordingly. If you’re considering buying a manufactured home, make sure that you check with your insurance company before purchasing one. Some companies will not insure manufactured homes at all.
  • Utility costs are also lower because they don’t need to be hooked into the local utility grid—just use your own generator! Plus much less maintenance since there isn’t much real estate involved (just move the whole thing when it needs moving).

Energy Efficiency

One of the reasons that manufactured home prices are less than those of other housing is their energy efficiency. Manufactured homes have better insulation and better windows, which means they’re more effective at keeping the heat in during winter and keeping it out during summer. They also have better heating and cooling systems and air filtration systems that can help keep indoor air quality high.


Manufactured homes are often less expensive than traditional ones because they can offer many of the same features as a conventional home for less. For example, manufactured homes usually have more than one bathroom, whereas some traditional homes only have one. This is especially useful for families with children who need to get ready in the morning; having two bathrooms means mom and dad can have their own space while the kids are getting dressed and ready for school.

Another feature of manufactured homes that makes them cheaper than traditional houses is that they often include a basement or crawl space underneath. If you’re looking to build a house on a shoestring budget, this will be a big help—you won’t need to spend loads of cash on expensive foundations and concrete slabs just so you can put in plumbing or wiring!

If your family needs extra storage space in their home but doesn’t want to pay extra money for it (and who does?), then look into buying an older model manufactured home instead: older models tend not only to include basements but also balconies on each floor which serve as great spots from which kids can play safely outside without needing supervision all day long!