When looking for a new house, a garage ranks highly on the priority list of more than 80% of buyers. Many people believe that this eliminates the option of buying a manufactured home. That is certainly not true. You can own a manufactured home with a garage.

Purchasers of mobile homes not only have the opportunity of adding a garage, but they also have a wide range of options to pick their favorite garage from. If you are still worried, ask your builder early on if your manufactured house will be suitable for a garage if you are considering purchasing one.

Benefits of Manufactured Home with a Garage

  • Acts as a safeguard for your vehicle from the elements
  • Increases the value of your manufactured home
  • Increases the square footage and size of your manufactured home
  • Increases the security for your vehicles and belongings parked in your garage
  • Possibility of adding a workspace

Here are some types of garages for your manufactured home.

Permanent Garage

Permanent garages are, as the name might imply, permanently attached to your manufactured home. They require a lot of preparation as a result. Your manufactured home and garage will share a wall and a foundation, and typically include an additional door that needs to be added. It can be challenging to add one on later because they often need to be installed at the same time as your manufactured home.

Integrated, Permanent Garage

An integrated garage is similar to a permanently attached garage. With an integrated garage, much more time and effort are spent making sure the appearance of the garage fits the appearance of your home.

Detached Garage

The detached garage is a separate building from the remaining parts of your mobile home. A detached garage can be added to your home whenever you please, but unlike a connected garage, they don’t share a door with your house.

When is a Good time to Add a Garage to Your Home?

Although you won’t be able to build a garage until after your home is finished, planning one out in advance will help you make the most of the space on your land and ensure that your home and garage have a similar appearance.

However, it is also feasible to add a garage in the future if you so choose. After your home is built, adding an attached or integrated garage may be quite challenging and frequently necessitates significant home changes.

However, since your home doesn’t need to be altered, establishing a detached garage is extremely simple. The only issue that might emerge is one of aesthetics or a lack of space.

What are the Expenses of Adding a Garage to Your Home?

The price of a garage can vary significantly depending on when it is built and whether it is independent or attached. Get bids in advance because the price will vary based on the contractor you choose to hire.

Regardless of when it is built, a detached garage will typically cost at least $20,000. The cost may go up if further features like insulation and decorative elements are added. If the garage is built together with the home, you should be prepared to spend at least $25,000. After your house is already constructed, you’ll need to spend more than $30,000 to install an attached garage.