Located in the exciting town of Williamston, there is never a lack of interesting activities to do in Village Square. The area is particularly notable for its antique markets where you can find a selection of quaint and interesting items in the unique specialty stores. For people who prefer more modern selections, there are also many boutiques and smaller clothing stores, as well as the Meridian Mall located in nearby Okemos.

However, if shopping is not your cup of tea, there are also many other activities that you and your family can partake in. Read on to find out what our recommendations for enriching kids attractions are!

Bestmaze Corn Maze

Bestmaze Corn Maze is a unique experience where you can explore a corn maze in a themed environment. With changing themes every year, it is an evergreen experience that you can return to annually with your children. Whether it is a spooky haunted event or an enchanting fairytale theme, Bestmaze Corn Maze is sure to impress with their well-maintained trails. More importantly, you will be in safe hands as there are staff patrolling and security towers that are ready to offer help whenever needed. With over 20 years of experience, this is something you definitely cannot miss!

Williamston Depot Museum

Featuring exhibits that showcase both Williamston Depot History and Williamston Railroad history, the Williamston Depot Museum is an exciting stop for kids to learn more about the past of the land that they live on. Especially in a region that is as rich in history as Williamston, visitors will be able to learn more about the men and women who served in World War Two, as well as the history of Williamston spanning from the first settlers up till present day. While visiting, do not miss out the new permanent exhibit – the Williamston Depot’s Telegraph Station! It recreates the Western Union station that used to exist in the depot as well as priceless authentic artefacts generously by Mr. Robert Hibbard who had worked in numerous train depots across lower Michigan. Even if you have visited before, take note of the temporary exhibits, and displays as well as events that are hosted by the museum. There may be something new for you see each time you visit!

Remembrance Memorial

Located at the northeast corner of Grand Avenues and Michigan in Wentworth Park, the memorial features an actual “H Beam” that was retrieved from the World Trade Center following the September 11 attacks. The deformed rolled steel structural beam is but a small reminder of the devastation that followed the event and sorrow that swept the country. This is definitely a more somber place of interest but intrinsically important as an educational tool for children to understand America’s history. It is important for the younger generation to learn and prevent history from repeating itself as well as to honor those perished and persevered during this tragic event.

There are many other attractions worth visiting in the area surround Village Square and the best way to find them is to explore yourself! Whether you enjoy relaxing in nature or an adventure packed day, there is definitely something for the whole family to enjoy.