Manufactured housing refers to homes that are built in factories that can be placed on a plot of land. The styles can range from modest trailers to those that look like permanent houses. In some cases, you won’t even be able to tell if the home is a traditional or manufactured home! However, there are some ways for you to find out if a home is a manufactured one and we are here to share with you all about it. Read on to learn more about how to spot a manufactured home!

Types Of Manufactured Home Loans

A factory-built home is one that meets the Federal Manufactured Home Construction and Safety standards such that it is considered a manufactured home. It is built on a permanent chassis that is transportable and this structure can come with one or more sections. The home’s design allows for installation with or without a permanent foundation. It is usually built for residential purposes. A manufactured home will have to meet or surpass the building codes for traditional homes.

To find out whether a home is a manufactured home, there are some tips to follow. Look at the exterior side of the end wall of the home. You can find the red HUD label affixed to the siding. This label will show you the name of the manufacturer and the year of construction.

You can also examine the area at the bottom right exterior found on the front door. The manufacturer of the structure may have attached a small metallic medallion plate within the area. This medallion will show the trade name of the home. You can take a look at the bottom right corner or each exterior end wall for the trademark medallion.

Another way is to loosen one of the skirting panels and crawl under the home. This approach is potentially dangerous, so continue with caution. Bring a flashlight with you to illuminate your surroundings and wear safety gloves so as to protect your hands. Find the metal beams that are welded together to form a triangle shape known as a tow bar. The company that moved the home will leave the tow bar at the end of the home that is near the street. The cross member of the tow bar will have the manufactured home’s identification number on the metal.

Find the home’s data-plate certificate. This data plate will have a drawing of the U.S. on it, along with descriptive information concerning the home. You will be able to find the data plate on an inside wall closet, in the laundry room, or on the back of the kitchen cabinet door.

Examine the inside area of the toilet tank for the date of construction of the home. You can remove the lid from the tank and search for a date stamp or markings.

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