The plumbing system in a manufactured home is very similar to site-built homes but there are several differences. The three main differences include the placement of the pipe, the size of the pipe and the ventilation design. Manufactured homes have their supply lines installed underneath the floor before getting stubbed up through the floor. Only fixtures that are higher like showers, tubs and washing machines will have water supply lines in the wall.

Is your washing machine giving you problems again? Not to worry, here are some ways to easily solve common washing machine issues in a manufactured home .

Common Washing Machine Issues in Manufactured Homes

New washers make use of lesser water and work more efficiently. This means that they offer shorter cycles that need a faster water supply and drainage system. The ventilation and drainage system in manufactured homes can handle new washing machines adequately, and you just need to know how to deal with these common washing machine issues.  

Shaking of Washing Machine 

Shaking, rolling and rattling of washing machines will make your whole manufactured home jitter. This may be a result of the washing machine being unbalanced, over-loaded, or unlevel. Each time you do laundry, you need to ensure that it gets filled with just the right amount of clothes to prevent the load from getting heavier on one side of the tub, causing the washer to shake. Frozen water lines may also cause washing machines to work with lesser water which will not clean your clothes as efficiently.

Unlevel Washing Machine

This requires a little bit more work. Most washing machines come with self-leveling back feet and front feet that can be adjusted. You can raise them or lower them accordingly. If your manufactured home is unlevel due to warping and so on, keep an eye on this issue to ensure that your washing machine can work just fine. Place a bubble level on the sides and top of the washing machine and screw or unscrew its feet until all sides are at an equal level. 

Washing Machine Fills Up Slowly

If your washing machine is taking up too much time to fill up, you may want to check the water supply lines. Its filter screen may also be clogged which you can easily clean or replace at the back of the machine. Gunk is often the main culprit that is causing your washing machine to fill up much slower than before. 

Loud Thumping And Gurgling Sound

Owners of a manufactured home often face drainage issues as the drainpipe in a manufactured home is much smaller. When drainage and ventilation pipes are too small, they do not allow enough air to enter to equalize the atmospheric pressure in the pipe. This may in turn lead to loud thumping and gurgling sounds in the washing machine. You can try replacing the auto-vent or making use of a 2” drainpipe instead of the 1.5” type. This may be a tough chore to complete if you have no prior plumbing experience. You may consult a professional to help you with this process.