Do you own a manufactured home currently? If so, you may already know how difficult it is to find manufactured home supplies and parts. You have to first understand that your manufactured home supplies generally differ from those for traditional single-family homes, which is why you may find it tough to obtain supplies.

To give an example, many manufactured home walls are made of wood panels or VOG (vinyl over gypsum), instead of drywall used in mobile homes. While it’s true that in some circumstances you might be able to get away with buying parts made for a single-family home, you’ll probably need to modify the part to make it work in your manufactured home.

Because of this, we strongly suggest only purchasing components specifically designed for mobile homes. Here are some further tips.

Be Prepared

You should at the very least be aware of the kind of part you’re looking for. In general, this is quite easy to understand. Remove the component if you can so you can take it to a nearby mobile home parts shop for a replacement. Photograph them for reference if you can’t remove them.

Look for a Part Serial Number

Some supplies will include a label that serves as an identification, which you can use to cross-reference for a new, comparable part.

Get Your Hands on the User Manual

The majority of parts come with some kind of paperwork that outlines installation, provides warranty information, etc. Try to locate the user’s handbook. Look for this manual to use as a replacement reference. If you still can’t find it, try to identify the maker and then visit their website to see if you are able to print another handbook there.

Now that you have a good understanding, it’s time to move on to shopping for your manufactured home supplies. Thanks to the Internet, finding components and supplies for manufactured homes is now simpler than ever.

One of the wonderful things about shopping online is that you’ll probably find what you’re searching for pretty fast, even though it doesn’t compare to the customer service or professional live expertise that you’d get at a physical mobile home store. Here are some hacks you can consider when shopping and finding manufactured home supplies.

Stick to Reliable and Trustworthy Websites

It is highly advisable for you to shop only on trustable websites with a decent following and review. Stray away from gimmicky sites attempting to sell you parts at ridiculously low prices or websites that seem too good to be true.

Know What You Want and Shop Smart

You should already know what you’re searching for, but if you’re having difficulties locating it online or are unsure of whether a specific item is the appropriate one, be sure to phone the store and ask them to assist you. A live chat option is provided by some online retailers. Read up on the policies of each store as well (i.e., return policy, shipping fees, hidden fees, warranty, etc.).

Shopping online tends to be more efficient and effective than in-store when you know exactly what you want. It is easier for you to make comparisons across companies and websites as well. This way, you’ll make a more informed decision!

Apart from finding manufactured home supplies online, you can also opt for shopping physically in-store. Make use of the customer service and support available!