With the new year just around the corner, you might be feeling the need for a fresh look for your manufactured home. Out with the old and in with the new! Grab your paintbrush and start painting the interior and exterior of your home to make it look as good as new both inside and out. If you are ready to start improving the aesthetics of your home, here is how you can choose exterior manufactured home paints to create a more homely atmosphere.

Things to Consider About Walls

Do take note that not all manufactured homes have the same type of walls. Some manufactured home walls cannot be painted as smoothly as they are made of a certain type of material. For instance, faux wood panels are easy to paint while vinyl walls are much trickier to work on. Regardless of what type of wall you have, nothing is impossible with the right type of paint. Before you start reading the next portion of our write-up, determine the type of walls that your manufactured home has and how they should be treated.

Deciding What to Paint

Your home can be mainly divided into its interior and exterior. You can decide whether you intend to paint only one part or both. Both the interior and exterior of your home come with different parts that are made from various materials such as windowsills. Some of the common components that need to be considered are as follows:


  • Window panes and sills
  • Walls
  • Skirting and trim
  • Doors
  • Stairs and banisters
  • Porch
  • Beams and support structures
  • Eaves
  • Anything else that is attached to the exterior of your home like gutters


  • Window panes
  • Walls
  • Doors
  • Skirting and trim
  • Ceiling
  • Door frames

These different components might need to be treated exclusively from one another. So, be sure to grab paintbrushes in a variety of sizes for the different paint job areas. You may choose the same color to paint on the different areas or you can choose a contrast of colors to incorporate a variety of colors and shades.

Type of Paint for Home Exterior

Different paint and primer are recommended for the variety of exterior walls. You can always consult your manufacturer for a list of suggestions so you can choose the right type of paint for the best results.


Manufactured home walls generally need a coat of primer to help the top coat of paint stick to the wall. Primers usually come in white but there are some other primer colors that you can choose to match the top coat that you intend to use. This can help you to cover up any darker tones.


For the home exterior, find weather-resistant paint that can last much longer. There are options like eggshell, flat, gloss, semi-gloss or satin. Flat is matte which is less reflective., and eggshell has a bit more sheen while the semi-gloss tends to stick to walls better. Paint with more gloss is much easier to clean or wipe down so maintenance is much more effortless.