Whether you are looking to build a fireplace in your manufactured home or improve your existing home, real wood-burning stoves are great at providing comfort and heat for your family. Here are some useful tips that you can follow to put together the decorative piece with ease.

Wood Stove for Manufactured Home

Most manufactured homes approve the use of a wood stove. One of the main differences between a normal stove and a stove that is approved for manufactured homes is the air intake system. Manufactured homes are constructed using tight construction to avoid any unwanted air filtration. It is easy to tell if a stove has been approved for manufactured homes as it will be listed accordingly and must be installed according to their listing, including adding a vent to the exterior of the home.

Preparing for A New Fireplace

If you are demolishing an existing fireplace, you can choose to move the wall that was housing the fireplace. This will enable you to enlarge the living space to accommodate more room. Relocating the fireplace a few feet back will also allow you to cover the current chimney hole to make way for the stove pipe and a new chimney outlet. You may consider hiring a professional to perform this task for you to ensure the setup is neat and sturdy.

Building The Hearth And Tiling It

Building a hearth will give the wood stove a base for it to sit on firmly. This will ensure that the weight of the stove is evenly supported and distributed while protecting the wood floors from any hot embers coming out from the fireplace. Always choose materials that are rated to withstand the heat that will be generated from the fireplace or stove.

Building the hearth:

  • Decide on the dimensions of the base
  • Place a layer of plywood to cover the dimensions
  • Place a layer of concrete board over the plywood top
  • Lay the tile over the concrete board

Tiling the wall:

  • Remove existing sheetrock 
  • Place a layer of concrete board
  • Lay the tile on the wall before installing the stove

Installing A Wood Burning Fireplace

The last step is to install the woodstove before putting it in the stove pipe. This step may require the expertise of a contractor. The stove pipe needs to be installed at least 18 inches away from the wall. For a manufactured home, the wood stove has to be attached to the floor. There are several rules and regulations that need to be adhered to when installing a wood-burning stove. It is important to ensure that the installation is properly executed to ensure that the woodstove is safe for use. Fixing a wood-burning fireplace can help you to keep your heating costs low and it will still work in case of power outages. You can look forward to enjoying warm winters with your loved ones where you can enjoy each other’s company while staying warm and toasty without having to depend on costly heating systems.