The Riverview community is a beautiful residence located in Sparta, MI. Although the close-knit community and frequent community events is reminiscent of small towns, it is located close to Grand Rapids, the second largest city in Michigan. Even though Sparta is a homely and quiet village, it has easy access to many of the amenities, benefits, and attractions of a large city.

One of the greatest benefits is that Grand Rapids is a rapidly growing healthcare and biotech center that houses close to 90 international companies. Not only is the unemployment rate far below state and overall US rates, but it also has a booming entertainment and arts scene. Grand Rapids is home to many tourist attractions and museums, for example, the Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park which notably one of the most visited museums of art in the world!

Even the most seasoned city dweller needs a break from the hustle and bustle from time to time. You will be glad to know that aside Grand Rapids, Riverview is also close to many beautiful hiking spots that you can unwind by taking a stroll in. Read on to find out what are our recommended hiking spots!

Provin Trails

At just a short 30 minute car ride away, Provin Trails is a beautiful park that is open all year round. What is a natural-surfaced hiking trail in the summer, turns into a snow-shoeing and cross-country skiing destination in the winter! The main trail is roughly around one mile long, but there are many detours for you to explore the 46 hectare park and to prolong your hike. All trails can be easily accessed through the parking lot at 4 Mile Rd but take note that equestrians, unauthorized motorized vehicles, and bikes are not permitted.

Wahlfield Park

Located just 10 minutes’ drive away, Wahlfield Park is an amazing recreational area for both avid hikers and the general crowd. There is an extensive range of trails for you to choose from that covers a diverse mix of open fields, creek valley and woods. Whether you are looking to run, hike or even just begin exploring, there will be many trails that are open to you. There are also options to go mountain biking for the more adventurous, or shelters that you rest at for a leisurely picnic with your family and friends. More importantly, Wahlfield Park is extremely kids-friendly with a large playground and even a Scavenger Hunt activity that families can take part in!

Hudsonville Nature Center

Although Hudsonville Nature Center is further away at a nearly 50 minute drive, it is a magnificent, protected area for the flora and fauna that is native to the area. The 76-acre nature preserve features hiking trails, picnic areas and even a wide array of wildflowers across wetlands, woodlands, and prairies. If you would like to know more about the native plants and animals, free guided tours are also available across spring to fall. This Park is extremely family friendly but take note that many areas will not be wheelchair or stroller accessible.

These are just some of the beautiful hiking spots near Riverview. Situated in such a great location, Riverview residents enjoy the best of both worlds.