Montgomery Estates is located in in a quiet country setting in Franklinton, NC. Not only is this perfect for anyone who enjoys the peace and quiet, but the laidback lifestyle of Montgomery Estates is also perfect for anyone settling down for their forever home.

Franklinton is a town located in Franklin County, both named after one of American’s founding fathers – Benjamin Franklin. Rich with history, Franklinton maintains a unique small town southern charm that is reflective of its past as a mill town, and later on, a mill town. This is obvious in many of architecture and characters that are found in the intact Main Street.

More than 2,000 people call Franklinton home, as of the 2010 census and there are public amenities put in place to support the families that live here. Featuring both an elementary and middle school, the town is also conveniently located 25 miles from downtown Raleigh, and 10 miles from the extensive shopping outlets and dining options in Wake Forest.

What is unique to Montgomery Estates, however, is the easy access to multiple green spaces and hiking trails. With a drive that can take less than 30 minutes,  you can find yourself surrounded by nature’s glory and have a calming getaway from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Mountain to Sea Trail

As North Carolina’s state trail and the longest footpath that is marked, this 1,200 mile trail has everything that you can possibly want to see on a hiking trail. Passing through more than 30 counties, two national wildlife refuges, four national parks and three national forests, this trail features the best of the diverse beauty that makes up North Carolina’s natural landscape. What is most unique about this trail is that this trail is currently being built by hand. More than 800 volunteers spent more than 36,000 hours to construct and maintain the Mountain to Sea trail in 2017 itself.

Wake Forest Reservoir Soft Trails

Just a short 20 minutes’ drive away, and you will find yourself in the beautiful surrounds of the Wake Forest Reservoir. Originally created as a source of drinking water for the town of Wake Forest, it is now a  natural surface soft trail that is perfect for a two to three hours hike. If you fancy going out onto the water, it is also possible to take electric-powered and paddle boats out onto the lake. The boat ramp is conveniently located near the parking area along Traditions Grande Boulevard.

Sal’s Branch Trail

Sal’s Branch Trail is part of Umstead State Park near Big Lake. A great trail that is suitable for hikers of all levels, there also are many activities that you can do on this trail. For example, you can choose to have a nice picnic in the afternoon, go fishing at the lake or even go horseback riding along the trails! Best of all, this trail is dog-friendly, and your furry friends will be able to enjoy the day with you so long as they are leashed.

These are just the tip of the iceberg as to the numerous amazing hiking trails located near Montgomery Estates. In addition to the trails mentioned, there are also conservation areas and many other trailheads nearby. Enjoy the best of both worlds with both the convenience of urban life and the calming presence of nature at your doorstep!