Boasting green hills, lush woods, mountains, rivers, waterfalls, and much more, Michigan is indeed a state of undeniable natural beauty. With over 12,500 miles of trails for communities in Michigan to discover, it’s no surprise that it’s known as “The Trails State.” Its multifaceted landscape provides hikers with plenty of possibilities, welcoming hikers of all ages and athletic abilities to don their boots, wander about and enjoy the distinct charms of each season. So, if you were looking for hiking spots near Lakewood Estates, MI, here are the top five places!

Millennium Park

With a stellar 4.7-star rating from 3,035 Google reviews, Millennium Park is the biggest urban green park in West Michigan, linking four of the area’s major towns and encompassing almost 18 miles of trails! Featuring 1,400 acres of steep hills and six miles of the Grand River shoreline, Millennium Park is full of natural resources, distinct ecosystems, and extensive natural habitats for flora and fauna to thrive. the park’s amenities also include six-acre beachfront, picnicking spots, fishing ponds, and playgrounds.

Yankee Springs Recreation Area

A nature reserve situated in Yankee Springs Township, the recreation area has an overall size of 5,200 acres, encompasses over 30 miles of hiking trails, and boasts a superb 4.6-star rating from 2,185 Google reviews! The park also has 6 miles of the North Country Trail running through it. Even better, the recreation area also features the Graves Hill Scenic Overlook, The Pines, Civilian Conservation Corps historic structures, and a glacier-sculpted kettle structure named The Devil’s Soupbowl as some of its highlights!

Provin Trails Park

Holding an excellent 4.7-star rating from 665 Google reviews, Provin Trails is a mostly untouched terrain in Grand Rapids Township offering plenty of challenges for the novice, intermediate, and experienced hikers alike in its two-mile woodland track. The landscape varies from slightly hilly to extremely steep. Hikers are welcome to discover the sandy woodland floors via the interlinked circuits of natural-surface tracks. This thickly forested park provides a brisk getaway to nature while remaining close to the cityscape!

Ionia State Recreation Area

Wide-open plains, old hardwood, and pine forests make up the 4,500 acres of this recreation area that’s known for its flat to sloping landscapes and fantastic 4.5-star ratings from 365 Google reviews. This park has 3.5 miles of trekking paths circling inside the park, as well as green hills, broad pastures, wooded summits, a river meandering its course through woodlands and farms, and even a lake tucked in the highlands. Wild flora and fauna are abundant and the birdwatching is spectacular, with over 199 bird species identified to date!

Fallasburg Park

Fallasburg Park is a popular venue for picnics, group activities, weddings, community events, and other recreational pursuits due to its picturesque river frontage and historic charm. The park has a covered bridge that spans the Flat River, an iconic shelterhouse, scenic picnic sites, and a disc golf course. Hiking routes, including a section of the North Country National Scenic Trail, are also available across the park’s vast natural regions.