Duke Forest is located 10 miles from downtown Durham. It is a stable and mature community with residents living there for the long term. Durham is a great historical haven, where there are many mysteries waiting to be discovered. There is a highly celebrated food scene, world-class universities and exciting start-up culture. This place transcends categories and imagination. It is an inspiring and alluring place to live in. It is a colorful community which celebrates diversity. All the wonderful, wild, beautiful and bold things come together here in an amazing way. There are many great hiking spots around the Duke Forest so read on to learn more!

Cabe Lands Trail

The millrace earth works and stone foundations of the old Cabe Mill can be seen from the trail. The stretch of river is found in a place that is called Cabe’s Gorge and this is a somewhat rocky area. This trail starts from the Cabe Lands Access parking lot and it is 1.20 miles in length.

Shepherd Nature Trail

The Shepherd Nature Trail offers you a short, self-guided hike. It gives you a great introduction to the Duke Forest. The trail is found along Hwy 751 in the Duke Forest’s Durham Division. Throughout this 0.8-mile trail, you will find signage that considers the human activities and natural patterns that have changed the Forest. The signs provide you a change to explore and think about your role in the transformation. Many trees feature species identification signs so you can learn more about the most common NC Piedmont trees. It is a relatively easy trail with interesting trees and wildflowers. You can have a picnic in the picnic areas as well.

Cole Mill Trail

Most of this trail allows for an easy hike along the river, with just a short climb towards the upland forest. The beautiful laurel covered bluffs can be seen all over the opposite river bank. The trail starts at the Cole Mill picnic area from both ends of the parking lot. The length of the trail spans 1.00 miles and it goes in a loop. It is a pleasant spring hike and it is suitable for family hikes and picnics.

Brumley Forest Nature Preserve Trail

The Brumley Forest Nature Preserve North trail is 5.1 kilometers in length. It is a moderately trafficked trail that is found near Durham, North Carolina. This trail features a lovely lake and it is suitable for people of all skill levels. It provides you with many activity options and it can be accessed throughout the year. You can bring dogs to this trail but they must be leashed. Here, you will find a diverse terrain with many wildflowers. It is a wonderful nature preserve with a lovely creek and few ponds. There are both separate dedicated hiking trails and multiuse trails in Brumley.