Do you find yourself envying friends of yours who own a vacation home and also a regular home? You already own your own home, but you’d love to be able to get away from it all in a vacation home, every now and then. But who can afford to buy second brick-and-mortar homes? What if we told you… you don’t have to.

You may want to consider the purchase of a manufactured home as a second home. The price tag on one of these places is a fraction of what it would cost for even a small brick-and-mortar house. In fact, there are numerous benefits to choosing a mobile home as a vacation home, second home, etc. Let’s take a close look at the possibilities.

Getting Away from It All

When you go on vacation, you want to leave all the stress, hustle and bustle, etc., behind. A great way to do that is to have a little home somewhere that you know relaxes you and offers:

  • The perfect view
  • Fun, relaxing right things to do
  • Either isolation or lots of friendly people (your choice), and more

What could be better than getting a piece of land that fits your idea of the perfect getaway to a T and placing your new manufactured home on that land?


Even if you decide to purchase a brand-new, state-of-the-art, good-sized, loaded manufactured home, you will still be paying a fraction of the cost of even a small brick-and-mortar house. Some people, rather than going brand-new, choose an older mobile home or a used one. Though you need to have it carefully inspected and be sure it is solid (and a good investment), there are numerous upgrades you can apply that are affordable. Best of all, as long as you have a solid surrounding structure, you can take your time with upgrades and remodeling, and do it as you can afford to make changes.

Tax Benefits

The mortgage interest you pay on your second home will likely be a deduction on your taxes. Any tax breaks you’re expecting as the result of purchasing a manufactured home should be checked out with a CPA or whoever does your taxes, of course.

As far as loans or mortgages go, if you permanently secure your manufactured home to a foundation, it will be “real property” – as opposed to “personal property” – which can make a loan easier in many cases.

Don’t Need a Vacation Home Any Longer?

If the time comes when you decide you no longer want or need a vacation home, you may consider renting out the manufactured home you purchased. If you decide to sell your manufactured home, unless you have invested in upgrades that offer an assured ROI, you might be disappointed at the rate of devaluation. Again, however, some upgrades can help you recoup some of your investment.

But, again, if you’re not using it, why not rent it out? This is, in fact, an investment more and more people are making today, rather than buying a big brick-and-mortar apartment building to try to rent out.

Are you ready to purchase one of today’s new manufactured homes as a vacation house? Think of the memories you’ll be able to create in your new home away from home.