Moving to a new environment can be a great fresh start. There are many new and exciting things to uncover and all of these enrich your lives in ways that are meaningful. However, there are also many things you might be unaware of as a new resident and locating the best amenities might be one of them. You might be frequenting sites that are overpriced for the quality of service provided and it might take you a few months of learning before you truly discover what’s best for you. We understand this struggle and this is why we have compiled a list of gas stations near Village Square. The cost of gas adds up over time which is why it’s good to locate gas stations that are affordable for you and also convenient for you so that you don’t need to travel out of your way to get to them. Read on to find out the gas station nearest to you so that you don’t find yourself in a situation where you need gas but don’t have access to it!


Speedway is a name that everyone has probably heard of because of the large number of gas stations that they have all around the country. This is a popular name and rightfully so because you get to enjoy many different perks if you choose to fill up your gas here. Most of their gas stations are open 24 hours, or close to 24 hours, which means that no matter what time you need to get your gas, you will have access to it. This can be really useful for you if you’re someone who works odd hours and only gets the time to refuel in the middle of the night. Additionally, being a big name, Speedway has a very well-established rewards system. This means that you get to enjoy additional discounts on the gas that you purchase. However, the size of the Speedways varies based on different outlets so if you’re looking for a more basic one, you can head to 206 West Grand River Ave Williamston, MI 48895. However, if you’re looking for a larger outlet, then heading to 1659 West Grand River Ave Okemos, MI 48864 might be a better choice as their convenience store is larger. 

Road Trip Oasis Perry 

This is the gas station for you if you’re looking for a place that gives you more than just gas. Aside from getting fuel, this is a full-service truck stop which means that you get to enjoy car servicing if your vehicle runs into any difficulties. There are diners here as well, along with a large convenience store and shower facilities which makes this a good rest stop if you’re from out of town and are looking for a place to take a short break. Hence, if you’re looking to make one stop and looking to accomplish several things such as grocery shopping and car repair alongside gas refills, this can be a great location for you to frequent. To reach Road Trip Oasis Perry, here are the coordinates to help you navigate: 3034 Lansing Rd Perry, MI 48872. 

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