Today, more than 20 million Americans live happily in their manufactured homes. Besides the flexibility, comfort and energy-efficiency advancements, what contributes to this booming trend are the financial advantages of living in manufactured homes. Young working adults, families and retirees are increasingly attracted to manufactured homes for the affordability and vast lifestyle that they offer. Even for renters who used to shun the idea of homeownership, it is now clear to them that the cost of investing in manufactured homes can actually weigh less than renting. If you would calculate the cost of your current living situation, you may quickly come to realize that owning and living in a manufactured home may be the most cost-effective way of having affordable housing. If you are planning on moving to a manufactured home community, here are several financial advantages of living in manufactured homes that you can look forward to.

Manufactured Home Costs

For a manufactured home, you basically have to pay a monthly rent for the lot and a one-time investment for the home itself. Lot rental varies by location and a manufactured home itself can cost anywhere in the range of $30,000 to $70,000 depending on the size you choose. There are single wide and double wide options as well as an array of amenities that are similar to those we can find in some traditional homes. If you have visited someone staying in a manufactured home, you must be aware of how luxurious it can be inside. It is pretty much the same as any site-built home. 

Manufactured Home Design

Many people are still skeptical over the safety of manufactured homes. Depending on the design of your home, natural disasters such as tornadoes, storms and lightning can still pose a serious risk just like a site-built home would. Manufactured homes are built according to HUD regulations with a stable foundation. Therefore, you should have peace of mind like how you would in a site-built home. MCM Homes offers posh manufactured homes that are located within safe and secure neighborhoods. You will not receive any snide remarks that people often make for shoddy-looking manufactured homes that are located in an undesirable part of town. Homeowner’s insurance policy costs are also relatively similar to that of a site-built home.

Manufactured Home Amenities

The manufactured home communities listed in MCM Homes all offer a wide array of amenities. Community members are free to participate in various events and programs that bring them close to their neighbors. These amenities are included in your rental package, which helps you to save on additional fees that you would need to fork out if you were to become a member of external clubs. The various events and programs are accessible by every community member. You can look forward to keeping yourself fit and active without having to spend more money on commuting.

Manufactured Home Safety

MCM Homes offers a wide selection of manufactured homes that are built inside safe and secure neighborhoods. You get to enjoy security as part of your manufactured home package so there are no additional fees to enjoy living in a peaceful and comfortable environment. In just a single rental package, you will stand to enjoy numerous amenities and services right at your doorstep to provide you with optimum convenience and value.