Besides being a fun and well-managed event venue, festivals also bring social and economic benefits to the community. Not only do visitors get to do fun activities, but they also get to socialize and enjoy time with friends and family members. If you’re a fan of attending festivals and reside at Montgomery Estates, you will be delighted to know of the various festivals that are happening around Montgomery Estates.

Montgomery Estates

Montgomery Estates is a manufactured home community run by the renowned MCM Homes. Located in Franklinton, North Carolina, residents of Montgomery Estates get to enjoy a peaceful way of life in a tranquil environment. Aside from that, Montgomery Estates is also primed at an optimum location with easy access to amenities, making the community an ideal place for families that want to get away from the city fuss. However, that doesn’t mean that there is nothing interesting to do at Montgomery Estates. A short drive out from Montgomery Estates will get you to locations where you can enjoy both outdoor and indoor recreational activities. Read on to find out some of the most anticipated festivals around Montgomery Estates.


If you are a big fan of music, you will be delighted to know of Preddyfest, a festival where music enthusiasts come together to jam in the serene setting of the Tar River in Franklin County, NC. Since 1997, the festival has been bringing 3 days of music performances by bluegrass musicians, collector souvenirs stands and food vendors. Camping is welcomed on site too!

Festival of Lights

Just 15-minutes from Montgomery Estates, the Hill Ridge Farms in Youngsville has been bringing sparkles to families with its annual Festival of Lights. Every year during the Christmas season, the one month event features a wide 40-acre light display made up of over one million gorgeous twinkling lights and a farm play park for families. Despite the world pandemic, Hill Ridge Farms persisted in continuing the Christmas tradition and exceptionally improvised the festival into a nightfall drive-thru event in 2020 and 2021.

Irish Fest in The Forest

Irish Fest in The Forest is a festival for celebrating Irish American culture happening just 13 miles South of Montgomery Estates in the city of Wake Forest. Previously, the festival was known as the Raleigh Irish Music Festival and took place in downtown Raleigh. At the festival, you can expect to enjoy family-friendly entertainment such as Irish music and dance. While the event has been unfortunately canceled in 2021, plans are already in place for the event to take place in 2022.

International Festival of Raleigh

If you are craving for some bigger-scale festivals, a 30 miles drive from Montgomery Estates will bring you to Raleigh, the capital of North Carolina. One of the most prominent amongst the aplenty festivals in the capital, the International Festival of Raleigh is a key event that showcases the Triangle’s artistic and cultural heritage. The event strives to encourage cultural and tradition exchanges both nationally and worldwide. Dance groups, cultural demonstrations, world games, and culinary booths from all around the world will be showcased during the 3-day event.

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