Festivals are a perfect place to enjoy time with friends and family members. Aside from the purpose of celebrating a certain occasion, festivals allow you to mingle and do fun activities unique to the event. With festivals around, we are less likely to feel bored but instead, always have something to look forward to.

Nestled away from the hustle and bustle of the city lies Laurelwood, a manufactured home community run by the renowned MCM Homes in Black Mountain. Here at Laurelwood, residents enjoy a warm community along with a peaceful and tranquil environment, making it an ideal place for families. With easy access to the downtown area, residents can conveniently access areas to get necessities. In addition, Black Mountain is also home to numerous attractions such as its Historic District and the Swannanoa Valley Museum.

Apart from that, Black Mountain is also known to host the Lake Eden Arts Festival that occurs twice a year since 1995. The festival is known to be one of the best festivals in the Southeast area and attended by many. Read on to learn more about the Lake Eden Arts Festival as well as other festivals happening around Laurelwood.

LEAF Festival

LEAF, an acronym for the Lake Eden Arts Festival, is an event hosted by the LEAF Community Arts, known to be a non-profit organization that aims to enrich lives and build community through arts, festivals, and other similar programs. In 2001, LEAF was even recognized by the Washington Post for being the “top cultural mix and match festival available in the country”. Here, you can expect to enjoy activities such as canoeing, outdoor adventures, music, dancing, cuisine, a zipline, children’s activities and others alike. The activities at LEAF are friendly to people of all ages, making it an ideal festival to bring along friends and family.

Black Mountain Marathon And Mount Mitchell Challenge

Jogging enthusiasts will love the Black Mountain Marathon and Mount Mitchell Challenge. Known to be one of the more challenging races in Western North Carolina, runners are challenged to conquer a 40-mile itinerary from Black Mountain all the way up to the top of Mount Mitchell, the highest peak east of the Mississippi. 

If you think that may be too daunting for you, you can also choose to participate in the Black Mountain Marathon instead. While you run along the same course, the total distance covered will instead be just 26 miles.

Sourwood Festival

Starting in 1977, the Sourwood Festival is named after the honey nectar made from Sourwood tree flowers to celebrate the sweet glory of honey. The two-day event features about 200 vendors and has attracted 30,000 visitors annually to Black Mountain. Every year in August, honey lovers gather to enjoy mouth-watering local dishes, live music and dance performances. Visitors also get to learn about North Caroline’s honeybees, experience the honey-making process and bring home artisanal honey products. For children, they will be overjoyed with the petting zoo, carnival rides, fun games and craft stations.  

Rock The Taste

Rock The Taste is a festival for the culinary scene in Black Mountain. Here, artisan food makers and local restaurants gather together and compete for bragging rights. Visitors can expect to sample some of the best foods and craft beverages in the Swannanoa Valley.

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