Eaton Pine Village is a small town that has plenty to offer residents and visitors alike. If you’re searching for somewhere to raise your family, look no further than Eaton Pine Village! This city has everything you need, from great schools to first-rate medical facilities and plenty of activities. The community hosts festivals regularly throughout the year, where you’ll find food, the arts or even nature itself!          

Eaton Pine Village festivals are great fun, and they can be an excellent way to meet new people and get involved in your community. Not only do most festivals raise money for local schools or charities, but they’re also a great chance to hang out with friends, and generally have a good time.

If you’re interested in attending these festivals or other community events around Eaton Pine Village, be sure to consider some of our favorite options.

Michigan Rock N Brew

Michigan Rock N Brew is a lifestyle festival showcasing music, food and Michigan craft beer. It is typically held in August at Downtown Lansing’s Adado Riverfront Park, barely 30 minutes away from Eaton Pine Village.  Adado Riverfront Park is a beautiful event venue with wide open spaces to roam about. While you’re there, check out the 13-mile River Trail walkway that bridges scenic parks, historic sites and urban activity centers. Besides multiple stages featuring local Michigan rock bands, you will also find local artisans specializing in arts and crafts, clothing, home goods and more! 

Common Ground Music Festival

Common Ground Music Festival, also known as Common Ground, is an annual music festival held every July in downtown Lansing, Michigan. Set in the beautiful Louis Adado Riverfront Park, Common Ground features several stages with different genres of music such as Rock, Hip Hop, Jam Bands and Dub Step. The festival also has several food vendors selling traditional festival food (such as Frito pies) as well as other treats.

Nordic Fire Festival

The Nordic Fire Festival is a family-friendly event that celebrates the Scandinavian culture and all other cultures in British Columbia. This festival features live entertainment, dancing and music. It also features a children’s activity area where kids can decorate Viking helmets and participate in other arts and crafts projects. In addition to all the great activities, there are plenty of great foods such as lefse, porridge, smoked salmon and much more! The main attraction, of course, is the amazing Viking Fire Show. You will see flaming arrows shot through hoops by an archer during this show!

Summer Solstice Jazz Festival

A brief 35-minute drive from Eaton Pine Village, East Lansing celebrates jazz music with the Summer Solstice Jazz Festival. For more than 20 years, this gratuitous two-day event has offered multiple-stage live outdoor performances featuring statewide esteemed and regional jazz artists.

Charlotte Bluegrass Festival

The first American root music event in Michigan, the Charlotte Bluegrass Festival, is an action-packed week of jamming, workshops, camps and top-tier bluegrass music entertainment. Unlike conventional country music, bluegrass is customarily presented with acoustic stringed instruments. Held annually in June at Eaton County Fairgrounds just 15 minutes from Eaton Pine Village, this fun-filled festival has been attended by the public for nearly 50 years.

Mason Sun-Dried Music Festival

Right in the heart of historic Mason, Michigan, Sun Dried Music Festival has been rocking the community for more than 10 years. Sway freely with live performances by multiple local and nationwide rock bands under the summer sun in August.

Energy-Efficient Homes at Eaton Pine Village

Get an energy efficient home for you and your family and enjoy attending festivals close to home where you can learn more about different topics such as food, art, music, dance and more. Whether it’s an outdoor festival or an indoor one – there are plenty of festivities to take part in.