Tucked away at the edge of Grand Rapids lies Riverview, a well-maintained manufactured home community that is loved by residents. Riverview in Sparta, Michigan offers residents the best of both the benefits of living near the city as well as a “homey” and welcoming small-town community feel. If you are someone who desires to live away from the hustle and bustle yet still be conveniently located to amenities available in the big cities, then Riverview might just be what you are looking for. 

With a large variety of community events held every now and then here at Riverview, life will never be dull and mundane for residents. Beside the beautiful outdoor sites and thriving art scene, the abundant entertainment options including cinemas near Riverview are what make residents faithfully rooted at Riverview.

Kent Theater

Originally built in 1880 as the Hubbard Opera House, the historic Kent Theater is located in the center of Cedar Springs, just 16 miles from Riverview. Despite going through multiple ownership changes and operation difficulties, the currently community-owned is still standing tall and delighting residents with comedy gigs, dance performances and festive shows. Besides offering $3 tickets to the latest releases, Kent Theatre engages community participation through volunteer recruitments and student castings. By visiting Kent Theatre, you are also showing your support in the art and theatrical scene!

Rockford’s Northstar Cinema

Further South from Kent Theater lies Rockford’s Northstar Cinema, another accessible motion picture house that offers tickets at an affordable rate. If you are looking for a less crowded venue to enjoy your movies, Rockford is the place to go. Snacks such as popcorn are also sold at an affordable rate so everyone can enjoy snacking on their favorite snacks throughout the screening.

AMC Grand Rapids 18

Located at the north entrance of Grand Rapids just a 20-minute drive from Riverview, the world’s largest movie chain AMC rebranded the flagship Star Theater in 2018. Featuring gigantic IMAX screens, superior sound systems and their signature recliner, AMC sure offers movie-goers a comfortable and enjoyable movie screening experience. Moreover, with its 18 screens, popcorn deals and ticket promotions, it’s no surprise that AMC Grand Rapids 18 is one of the most popular cinemas in the area.

Celebration Cinema Grand Rapids North & IMAX

Celebration Cinema Grand Rapids North & IMAX is an 18 screens cinema theater that offers comfy stadium seating, and you can trust them to always have the new and recent popular releases. Just like AMC, Celebration also offers 3D and IMAX viewing technology which allows movie-goers to view their favorite films in the highest quality possible. The entire cinema complex is also wheelchair-accessible and friendly, making it perfect for family outings of all ages.

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