Long-term stress not only adversely affects our mood and mental health but can even translate to health problems further down the road. As such, it is important to manage our stress levels through the decisions we make in our daily lives. Additionally, it is also imperative for us to find ways to destress ourselves before they become harmful. One of the most hassle-free and convenient activities that people can do to unwind is to simply watch movies in the cinema. Read on for a list of cinemas near Leslie Estates

Leslie Estates

Conveniently located near a barrage of amenities, Leslie Estates is a welcoming manufactured home community loved by its residents. Residing at Leslie Estates means that you will never have to worry about traveling far to get necessities such as food or groceries. With a self-sufficient main street in downtown Leslie, community members will be able to enjoy crisp bakery, freshly-brewed coffee and also replenish daily essentials easily. Leslie Estates’ proximity to Lansing also allows residents easy access to the big city’s vibrant lifestyle amenities such as vanguard cinema theaters. 

Cinema Theatres Near Leslie Estates

The following is a non-exhaustive list of cinema theaters that can be found near Leslie Estates in no particular order:

  • Being located nearest to Leslie Estates, GQT Jackson 10 is the residents’ choice cinema when it comes to catching their latest movies. Thankfully, the prices at the venue are reasonably priced compared to other theaters. In addition, the theaters have also recently been upgraded with comfy reclining seats so you can be sure to get a comfortable viewing experience here. As such, GQT Jackson 10 is an ideal place for residents of Leslie Estates to visit given its close proximity.
  • Further North from Leslie Estates lies Celebration Cinema Lansing & IMAX. Celebration is known for being a multi-cinema theater that offers visitors comfy stadium seats, as well as the latest popular releases. Here, you can expect to view films with IMAX technology, ensuring that you get the best viewing experience with the high-resolution screen display. If you are particular about watching movies in the best quality possible, then Celebration Cinema is ideal for you. Apart from having 3D movies, Celebration is also wheelchair-friendly and has facilities such as a wheelchair-accessible car park, entrance, toilet, as well as theater
  • If you are looking for a more affordable and family-owned theater to watch movies, then Sun Theater is the right one for you. Being a 1-screen cinema dating back to 1947, this theater is well-maintained by its proficient staff. Sun Theater is known for its exceptional customer service and affordable price. You can be sure you’ll be able to enjoy your popcorn while enjoying your movies in this cinema.

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