One of the most effortless ways one can relax during downtime is to catch a movie at the nearby cinemas. Not only can watching a movie allow you to take a break from reality and improve your mood, but they are even known to help us better cope with stress. Due to the unique impact that viewers get from movies, there is even a form of therapy for medical and mental health issues known as “Cinematherapy”, where patients view films that reflect the issues they face. If you are looking for a cinema theater in the vicinity of Lakewood Estates, you have come to the right place. Read on to find out more about the cinemas near Lakewood Estates by MCM Homes.

Lakewood Estates

Tucked away in the quaint village of Lake Odessa, Lakewood Estates is surrounded by golf courses, recreational lakes, as well as the vast reach of beautiful farmland. If you are someone who wishes to relax away from the city noise while at home, then Lakewood Estates might just be what you are looking for. People who love the outdoors and Mother Nature will also be delighted given the amount of greenery and natural environments that Lakewood Estates have to offer. 

Located near two beautiful lakes known as Tupper Lake as well as Lake Jordan, living at Lakewood Estates really gives you a rare, peaceful and tranquil way of life. With a barrage of fun and exciting events that you can do near the area, life is sure to be fulfilling here at Lakewood Estates. Some outdoor facilities near the area include fishing areas, swimming areas, beaches, play areas as well as picnic areas. 

Cinema Theaters Located Near Lakewood Estates

Cinema-goers will be delighted to know that there are plenty of cinemas to choose from that are located near Lakewood Estates. The following is a non-exhaustive list of some of these cinemas:

  • GQT Hastings 4. Being the nearest cinema from Lakewood Estates, GQT Hastings 4 is known for its over-the-top customer service level. As such, you can expect that every theater here is clean and presentable. Patrons who have visited the place have mentioned their generous serving of popcorn and also commended their wide selection of movies. Ticket prices here are also priced fairly.
  • Regal Lansing Mall & PRX. Located in Lansing Mall about 35 minutes’ drive from Lakewood Estates, the Regal cinema is a 20-screen theater featuring stadium seating with couch-style loveseats, plush oversized rocking chairs and digital surround sound systems. Movie-goers can also enjoy a full day of shopping, dining or enjoy a massage at the 60 stores and services in the mall!
  • NCG Cinema – Lansing. Featuring digital and 3D screens, NCG Cinema is sure to offer you an interesting and comfortable viewing experience. In addition, they are also known to be one of the few movie theaters that serve alcohol such as beer and wine. NCG Cinema is also known for its delicious popcorn and good customer service.
  • Celebration Cinema Grand Rapids South. Being a multi-cinema theater, Celebration Cinema offers comfy stadium seating for movie-goers and is always sure to have the new and most recent popular releases. The theater is also wheelchair accessible with facilities such as a wheelchair-friendly life, toilet, carpark, entrance and Celebration is an ideal cinema to go to if you are planning to visit with family members.

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