While cinemas may seem nothing more than another form of entertainment for some, watching a movie in the cinemas can indeed offer benefits for our mental health. Read on to learn more about the cinemas located near Gun Lake and why you should visit them.

Gun Lake

Nestled in the beautiful setting of Southwest Michigan lies the Gun Lake manufactured home community, a place where residents get to enjoy peaceful lakeside living daily. If you are looking to reside in a place away from the noise of the city, then Gun Lake is perfect for you. Residents at Gun Lake get to enjoy the peace associated with lakeside living as well as the convenience of living in the city. 

Benefits of Watching Movies

Apart from the convenience of getting groceries and other necessities, plenty of entertainment spots can also be found scattered around Gun Lake by MCM Homes. One of these popular and accessible entertainment spots is cinemas. Cinemas are friendly for all age groups, making them a perfect spot to visit with family members. In addition, cinemagoers are also known to benefit from watching movies.

Did you know that Cinematherapy is a real treatment option for overcoming mental and medical health issues? Cinemas are able to change our bad habits, negative thoughts, as well as our ability to manage life events. Cinemas also help us to cope with stress, boost our immune system, escape from reality and even inspire creativity in children. 

Cinemas Located Near Gun Lake

  • Being one of the cinemas located near Gun Lake, M-89 Cinema is sure to be a must-visit spot for Gun Lake residents to catch their most anticipated movies. Thankfully, M-89 is known for its extremely reasonable price, friendly staff, as well as for upholding a high cleanliness standard. Here, visitors have even mentioned that the prices of the movie combined with popcorn and drinks cost even less than a ticket at major theaters. If you are looking for an affordable and accessible cinema theater, M-89 is sure to be the right one for you.
  • If you are planning a day out at Grand Rapids, drop by Celebration Cinema Grand Rapids South for an IMAX movie indulgence! Located at the entrance of the bustling Grand Rapids 25 miles from Gun Lake, the Celebration Cinema boasts a 16-screen and 2600 seating theater. Besides free flow popcorn deals, movie lovers are also treated with VIP rewards, weekday pricing and Sunday movie discounts. The family-friendly cinema also hosts baby movie mornings, sensory showtimes for special needs guests and family movie day with free entrance for children!
  • GQT Hastings 4 is the nearest cinema from Gun Lake and hence perfect for those that don’t want to drive too far to catch a movie. GQT Hastings 4 is estimated to be approximately a 20-minute drive away from Gun Lake. The prices of the tickets here are fair and all the theater rooms are clean and presentable. GQT Hastings 4 is known for its generous popcorn servings and high level of customer service. If you are looking for a comfortable and less busy area to catch your favorite movie, GQT Hastings 4 will be perfect for you.

Why Choose MCM Homes?

MCM Homes offers manufactured homes in neighborhoods such as Gun Lake that are well-kept. The MCM Homes management staff is reliable, caring, and respectful to its residents. We want to exceed your expectations and redefine what it means to live in one of our manufactured home communities. Contact us today!