Even with the invention of streaming sites like Disney+, Netflix and Hulu, nothing beats the experience of watching a movie in an immersive cinema theater. In fact, for many people, there is no better way to enjoy a new movie blockbuster than to make their way down to their local cinema. 

For those who are planning to move into Eaton Pine Village, or are currently staying in the Eaton Rapids area, you can rest assured that you have many options available to choose from. To help you choose your next movie night out, we have compiled a list of the top cinemas located near Eaton Pine Village.

Regal Lansing Mall & RPX

On top of being one of the best shopping centers, you can also have an enjoyable movie experience in the cinema within. This means that you won’t have to make separate trips to find proper dining options and get your movie fix in the same evening!

While this cinema is smaller than its competitors, you can be sure to get access to non-Hollywood films like selections from Sundance and documentaries. If you’re looking for the best sound quality, make sure to opt for films that are being shown within the RPX room to get the most immersive experience.

Celebration! Cinema Lansing & IMAX

If you’re planning to commit to a movie marathon at Celebration! Cinema Lansing & IMAX, you can be sure that the cinema is always clean, secure, and accessible. In fact, the seating options and movie selection are amongst the best in the area! In addition, you can’t miss the extensive variety of different snack options out front.

Eaton Theatre

We saved the best for last, as Eaton Theatre is our top pick for cinemas in the area. Having been around since 1931, this cinema shows first-run films on top of special themed events for movie collections like those from Studio Ghibli or the Lord of the Rings trilogy. As usual, you can expect a wide variety of snacks and candy. However, you can also opt to spend more time here by making an appointment for their Virtual Reality Game Room or by dropping in on their retro arcade room.

MCM Homes – Eaton Pine Village Community

If you’re looking for the perfect small town to start a family but are used to all the benefits and convenient amenities of a big city, Eaton Pine Village Community is the best place for you. Located in the “Island City” of Eaton Rapids, there are a large variety of sporting events, cultural activities, fine dining, diverse nightlife, as well as good schools and working opportunities. 

Beyond the amazing area, each of our manufactured homes are a perfect example of a great home. Each layout is the perfect option for your family with management that is above your wildest expectations. Not only can you be sure that they truly care for your wellbeing, but you can also ensure that each team member is experienced and able to cater to all resident requests to keep the community well maintained.

Contact MCM Homes today for more information. We’d love to help you find your home!