Homeowners often find themselves deciding between manufactured homes and stick-built houses when they’re looking to build or buy a new home. Both types of homes have their pros and cons, but the main thing to consider is whether or not your budget can handle the extra costs associated with manufactured homes that you may not get with stick-built houses. Manufactured homes are typically slightly more expensive than their stick-built counterparts. Still, many people don’t realize how much extra money you can save if you choose an energy-efficient manufactured home over a regular one. For more information on this subject, read on!

What Is a Manufactured Home?

A manufactured home is a prefabricated structure that can be permanently installed in your backyard or on your property. Due to their size and construction, they differ from traditional homes. Manufactured homes are built using special techniques to keep them affordable and cost-effective. But when you live in one of these structures long-term, do you really save money compared to traditional homeownership? You might be surprised! The Federal Housing Authority (FHA) says that you could end up saving thousands of dollars annually by opting for a manufactured home. The best part about FHA-approved manufactured homes is that they are ENERGY STAR certified—meaning you’ll also see lower energy bills if you choose one!

How Energy Efficient Are Manufactured Homes (MH)?

This question is one that many people ask. It’s important to understand that not all manufactured homes are created equal. And, even among high-quality homes, there can be a significant range in energy efficiency. Since most manufactured homes were built before new energy standards came into effect in 2012 (the Energy Independence and Security Act), they vary greatly in their insulation quality and other key attributes. Energy efficiency varies based on how well manufactured homes are insulated and air sealed. According to studies, a quality manufactured home can be as energy efficient as a site-built home, as long as they are well constructed with energy-efficient building materials and sufficient insulation. 

How Do I Know If My Home Is Energy Efficient?

Energy-efficient homes use less electricity and gas to heat and cool the space. Energy efficiency is a cost-saving benefit, as less energy is required to keep your home at an optimal temperature for comfort. That means you pay less each month for utilities. But how do you know if your home is energy efficient? How do you know if it will save you money in energy costs every month?

Energy Star ratings have been assigned to most manufactured homes. These ratings are given out by a nonprofit group that evaluates manufactured homes based on construction, insulation, and energy efficiency features. Look for an ENERGY STAR label on your manufactured home to see if it has earned a rating of 75 or higher (the average new home score is 68). If your manufactured home does not feature a label like this, contact the manufacturer directly to ask if the home has earned an ENERGY STAR rating; many manufacturers post their scores online for customers.

Manufactured homes are quite efficient and can save you money over time. It’s important to remember that manufactured homes are new construction and far from outdated. They’re built with cutting-edge materials and designed in state-of-the-art factories where each home is given a high level of attention to detail by workers who take pride in their craft.