When buying a manufactured home, you have to begin by researching dealers and getting familiar with the pricing. Then, schedule a visit and tour the models. Pick one that suits your needs and customize it. Prepare the financing and insurance before you order your home. Manufactured homes can cost about $20,000 for a basic single-section home and up to $200,000 for a multi-section home with upgrades. The average cost for a manufactured home is about $82,000. However, the real cost of a manufactured home goes beyond the initial fee you pay when you acquire the home. Aside from the cost of purchasing your manufactured home, there are other hidden expenses to consider. In this article, we share more about the additional costs when buying a manufactured home!

Additional Costs [1] 

The cost of your manufactured home includes the whole structure, including materials and labor. Depending on how your seller prices the units, there are some costs that may not be included in the initial purchase. You have to check that the following are included in your budget:

  • Air conditioning
    • Air conditioning may be an add-on cost for your manufactured home if it is a must-have household appliance for your family.
  • Surcharges
    • Ask the seller for miscellaneous surcharges before you sign the contract.
  • Taxes
    • In general, you need to pay taxes in two ways. If you own the home but not the land, you have to pay property tax. If you own the home and the land, you need to pay real estate taxes to the local government.
  • Insurance
    • You have to pay property insurance annually for your manufactured home. Without a question, the mortgage payments you’ll make are the most important aspect of the total manufactured home cost. Insurance charges may be included in your monthly payments depending on how you set up your contract with the provider.
  • Closing Costs For Loans
    • If you are financing the purchase, you will have to incur the loan origination fees which is paid upfront.
  • Maintenance Fees
    • If you purchase a pre-owned manufactured home, you will most likely be responsible for all upkeep, including the repair or replacement of any appliances, carpets, floors, and other fixtures that have reached the end of their typical lifetime expectancy. External structural fixtures, such as windows, will frequently need to be replaced.
  • Community Fees

When moving into a manufactured home community, you have to pay fees to cover shared amenities, such as swimming pools and laundry facilities. This can be extra on top of what you pay for your home.

When you look at the cost of a manufactured home compared to a traditional site-built home, it is clear that you will pay less for your manufactured home. However, as addressed in this article, do take note to add in all the other expenses as part of your budget prior to your purchase.

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Technically, most of these don’t apply to MCM because MCM is NOT a dealer; we are trying to sell already built homes in our existing communities. Not sure this one makes sense for us.