Have you been thinking about investing in one of today’s new manufactured homes? Before you finalize your mobile home purchase, you want to make sure the entire process will be as smooth as possible. There are certain custom order items or features you may have decided to include in your mobile home purchase. That’s great! Those along with the items on the checklist included here, there will be other important considerations to finalize before signing on the dotted line.

If you’ve always dreamed of being a homeowner, you will be delighted at the savings available, courtesy of today’s manufactured home prices. How you buy your new home, however, may pose a number of questions – as well as other areas of possible concern.

Buying a Mobile Home in A Community

Before purchasing a mobile home already situated in a community, the following questions should be answered:

  • If I purchase this mobile home in this community, what are the advantages?
  • To help qualify for a federally guaranteed mortgage, can I get a minimum three-year lease?
  • Over time, can I own the leased land?
  • To completely meet my needs (and the needs of my family, if applicable), is there adequate privacy and land?
  • Is gated security available in the mobile home community?
  • For the enjoyment of the community, are there common areas with any amenities?
  • Is there an HOA fee (homeowners association), and how much is it?

You may find you have more money left over if you have your new mobile home delivered to a park that is land-leased. The reason is, your monthly mortgage costs may be lower.

Buying a Home for Private Land?

Here are some things to be considered if you plan to place your new mobile home on private land.

  • How far away from the property are the schools, shopping centers, your work location, etc.?
  • Be aware of the method and cost of recycling pickup, garbage pickup, etc.
  • With the Internet being so important today, make sure you can get service.
  • Local utility services you’ll be connected to – be aware of their cost.
  • Regarding manufactured homes, review the local building codes and zoning.
  • What is the crime rate in the local community?
  • For the land you are purchasing, make sure there are no issues with liens, etc.
  • Check the property deed so you can identify boundary markers.
  • What are the annual taxes for this piece of land?
  • Check to see how much of your loan will apply to the land itself and if you will be taking out a 20-year loan (typical when the land is included with the mobile home mortgage).

Considerations You Will Want to Decide On

Though there are many things to consider when purchasing a new mobile home, here are just a few more suggestions you will want the answers to before the entire process is completed:

  • Cost increases for the following year(s): This can apply to increases in things like insurance, water, sewer, electrical, and other outlying costs.
  • Customizations: There are numerous choices for design, square footage, and any number of customizable options. There are luxury amenities and top-of-the-line quality materials available. Don’t regret not researching what your customizable options are!
  • Financing: There are a number of loan possibilities out there, depending on your circumstances. The great thing about manufactured homes is their affordability compared to brick-and-mortar houses.
  • Floor plans: Manufactured homes are not one-size-fits-all, nor are they all designed with the same floor plan. You may want to check if floor plans have master suites, master bedrooms, kitchens with amenities, space for a home office, room for gatherings, 2+ bathrooms, and more.
  • Size matters: When it comes to manufactured homes, there are three basic sizes – triple wide, double wide, and single wide. Particularly if you have a family, or you just like a lot of room, make sure the square footage is going to accommodate your needs and desires.

After considering the checklist above, your decision to invest in one of today’s new manufactured homes should go more smoothly and be an enjoyable experience. This is a fantastic way to pursue the American dream – having your own home – but at significantly more affordable rates than purchasing a brick-and-mortar house.