If you’re looking for the perfect home but don’t want to spend a fortune to get it, buying a double-wide manufactured home might be a good option. A double-wide is simply two single-wide mobile homes that have been joined together. The advantages of this are many: not only do you get twice as much space, but also energy efficiency and lower maintenance costs. So if you’re interested in saving money on your new home while also living in an eco-friendly environment with modern amenities—all without compromising quality—then read on!

Less Expensive Than A Site-Built Home

There are a few reasons why a double-wide manufactured home is less expensive than a site-built home. The first reason is that there are no land costs to consider when building this style of home. Since the lot has already been purchased and cleared, you don’t have to pay for that portion of your new home. The second reason is that you can purchase the materials for an entire house at once instead of piecemeal as you build over time, like with a site-built house. And lastly, because of the way they’re constructed and assembled on site by trained professionals, these homes are much faster and more efficient to build than traditional buildings, which means savings in labor costs as well!

More Eco-Friendly

Manufactured homes are generally made of lightweight materials and don’t require the same amount of maintenance that a traditional home would. This can save you money on heating and cooling, as well as repairs. Since they’re also built in factories, they typically have less waste than traditional construction methods do. Plus, unlike regular houses where each piece is made individually on site, double-wide manufactured homes have everything connected together so they can be easily moved from place to place without having to disassemble anything first—which means less time spent on construction and more time spent enjoying your new digs!

The lighter materials used in the manufacturing process mean less energy is required for heating or cooling them throughout the year (they’re built with insulation already inside). And because no trees are being cut down for lumber during construction either (instead using things like particleboard), these types of homes help preserve our environment by keeping trees around longer so future generations will still have them available when needed!

Wide Variety Of Options For Customization

There are a wide variety of floor plans available in manufactured homes, and you can choose the one that best suits your needs. In addition to the standard layouts, there are also options for customization. If you want to make changes to your home’s interior design or add certain amenities (like a fireplace), this can be done by including various options when purchasing the house.

Lower Maintenance Costs

The lower cost of materials and labor is another benefit to living in a double-wide manufactured home. The materials used to build a double-wide are less expensive than those needed for a stick-built house, which makes it easier to afford the purchase of your new home and all the appliances that come with it.

The lower cost of utilities is also a benefit because it will help save you money on your monthly utility bills. A double wide manufactured home has insulation already installed throughout its walls which lowers the amount of energy needed to heat or cool your home during colder months or warmer ones. This can save thousands over time!


As you can see, there are many benefits to owning a double-wide manufactured home. If you’re considering buying one for your family, we hope these points have given you some insight into what it’s like to live in one. For more information about the construction process or to find financing options, contact us today!